About Us


3Magnas.NO is a project, another crazy idea to share our art and try to live out of it.

We do photography, painting and now experimenting with epoxy resin on visual objects, all as unique creation which we are happy to offer you.

We are also trying to communicate our thoughts, ideas, dreams and foolishness through books we write, design and create ourselves.

Lately we move onto designing daily stuff for you to wear or use, thus we landed on POD sites where a wide selection is available for your choice and joy!!!.

You can navegate through our site and will always be welcome here, you can also share your thoughts, proposals and critics with us by email  ( info@3magnas.no ) or at our Facebook pages: Books, Art, POD 


We are now living and creating art in many forms. Sometimes is struggling to reach our minimum expenses, sometimes we run empty of materials, but we try and handle everything with optimism and a positive approach to life.

This is 3MagnasNO, our brand, under which we market all our creations as a one, as we are all one at the moment.

We really appreciate your interest!


Buying an artwork from us, you are helping in our daily fight and we are limitless thankful.

Currently looking for agents and galleries willing to sell and represent our art and books on any country, or whatever any other possible way you may think is possible to market it, if interested, please contact us if you’re one of those we are looking for.

We are always open!









Helgesens Gate, o551, Oslo, Norway


+47 9730 4255


+47 4121 3834