The Universe of 3Mpix Collectible Cards

Our aim is to create a MetaUniverse of collectible cards, all supported on the NFT technology. Inspired in the old collectible cards in paper, these ones will carry pixel digital created images, some animated, potentially with sounds, some others just digital images.

Price shall be fixed at very low level with the purpose to form a strong community of collectors which in time, will be the real winners by further trading full sets or single cards like the classic ones. None know what the final price would be.

3Magnas will profit of the 10% fee on every future sale, which at the same time, will also potentially push prices up.


Details about the collectibles


  1. There will be a minimum of 3 collections and a maximum of 100

There will never be less nor more ever

  1. All cards are Limited Editions with numbers based in rarity level.

Higher level 1/1 , lower level 999/999

  1. Initial Rarity levels: based in colors: Red 1/1 , Orange 18/18 , Yellow 36/36, Blue 99/99 and Green 999/999* if traction on community get higher than expected it is possible we add one additional lower level, but so far, the initial first three collections will have only these quoted levels, making them more attractive as investment and as a rare collectible
  2. Energy: is based in rarity and attributes, the more attributes, the more energy requires. Energy is not fixed and is variable on every card. Also is random e fixed within a certain levels per rarity. Can later be used as a way to valuate it. Cards can have 7 levels where infinite level can absorb all attributes from other cards nearby, but this will be as rare as 1/1 cards. It is a crazy game card as you can see! And we encourage collectors and players to create their own games and rules as old style cards.
  3. Attributes: There are many, all shown on every card. Depending on the collection attributes vary and every card carry out their own ones. Attributes give more or less opportunities and options on the game but rules must be fixed by the ones playing. It is not fixed as it is left for enjoyment of the players. Attributes of every card are clearly marked on the card
  4. Quantity of cards: there will be 100 cards on every collection.
  5. Card rarity distribution: On every collection, there will always be:
  1. 1/1 - 6 cards only
  2. 18/18 - 12 cards only
  3. 36/36 - 18 cards only
  4. 99/99 - 24 cards only
  5. 999/999 - 40 cards only

Important to quote that irrespectively of rarity cards give such variety of parameters than people can play games with just one single rarity

  1. If the traction is higher than expected it is possible we add one lower level of rarity (example :3333 or 9999) to new collections so numbers of cards will adapt accordingly to any new collection, but always keeping the maximum number of 100 cards only, per collection
  2. Pricing:
  1. 1/1 - 30
  2. 18/18 - 9
  3. 36/36 - 6
  4. 99/99 - 3
  5. 999/999 - 1

All prices are fixed in XTZ or TEZOS and will be fixed accordingly in different blockchains where our cards be minted.

Also some collections will be minted in ETH, i.e. Opensea o Cryptoart , but at the beginning to give traction, allow many willing collectors to buy at affordable prices and transfer fees, we will remain at TEZOS

A solution to move your NFT from one to another blockchains is under development and when standards be created we shall adapt our cards accordingly, and potentially give the owners a solution to their assets.

Prices will be kept all along the way like this. However low bids may be accepted at the beginning during promotion period in all cards. Discounts based on your offers will go gradually reducing to the fixed and listed price here after 50% of collection card on every number has been sold


It is our aim and dream to create a new community of fans and collectors where all can profit out of it, and gamers as well.

Attributes, Energy and Rarity are mixed randomly in all the cards, giving room to game enthusiasts to develop their own games for each collection. We shall help in any way we can but will be the own cards community which will generate each of the possible games, which can be of many kinds


What can you do with the cards:

  • Collect it
  • Play games in between collectors
  • Freely trade with them
  • Invest on them, price will only rise


How can you get the cards

  • Buying it at : Follow the links
  • Helping us to build the community: there will several giveaways for those who contribute to the success of this initiative by promoting on social networks or bringing buyers. If you are interested on that, please send an email to pr@3magnas.no or DM on tweeter @3magnasN for further details


Let us create a cool, metauniverse community of 3MPIX collectors!


Kind regards from Us.